lunes, 31 de marzo de 2008

India/Pakistan versus Rest of the World

Date:9th April 2008

Place:Lima Cricket and Football Club

Cricket match of the Titans..... please inform your captain's of your availability.
The Team for India/Pakistan is yet to be confirmed.
ROW Captain:
India/Pakistan Captain:

The following have been selected for the Rest of the World.
You have been selected to play for the Rest of the World team on Sunday April 6 at 11am (be there at 10.30am). The game will be against the India/Pakistan team (a stronger team than the one that played in the Tournament). This game is always a highlight on the PCF calendar and I am sure this game will be no exception. The game will be 40 overs a side.

1. Harry Hildebrand(Capt)
2. Chris Abbott (Vice Capt)
3. Miles Buest
4. John Bell
5. Tony Sanford
6. Henry Southall
7. Nick Appleyard
8. Jorge Pancorovo
9. Jon Hawkins
10. Lachlan McKinnon
11. Tim Flack

If your name is not here and you would like to be considered, don't feel too downheartened, it is likely that one or two will pull out. Send an email to Harry and tell him you would like to be considered if there is space.

Umpires / Scorer

Julian Walter / Viv Ash

viernes, 28 de marzo de 2008


Roll up Roll up! The Carnival's coming to town.
This Sunday extra special 30 or 40 over match to be played, a few spaces left. Still no smoke signals from the Indians as to who will be representing them. Apparently Mike Soulsby will be rolling in to bowl his mean line of mangoes. The usual supects have signed up for the chain gang, so drop a line to your skip and tell him you can play.
Here is a list of the students available:

Sunday 30 March – Cricket game - Available

1. Tony Sanford

2. Jorge Pancorvo

3. John Bell

4. Miles Buesst

5. Tim Flack

6. Chris Abbott

7. Harry Hildebrand

8. Viv Ash

9. Jon Hawkins

10. Prabhu

11. Hero

12. Chandan

13. Mohan

14. Mohammad

15. Nomi

16. Mike Soulsby

17. Geriant Langford

18. Peter Furst

19. Adrian Eyre?

20. Dave Murphy?

21. Chris Mahony?

jueves, 27 de marzo de 2008


Hello everyone,
Just to let you know that CHIMU ADVENTURES will now be sponsoring the blog and contributing kit and funds to the club. This is how the system works. For every person who buys a holiday, trip, excursion, donkey ride, you name it to anywhere in Peru, as well as Antarctica, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Galapagos, and Chile, CHIMU ADVENTURES will give that person or group a $50 discount on their purchase AND (and this is the biggee) will contribute $50 to the Peru Cricket Federation in return. This is an offer too good to be true guys. So if you know anyone who is coming out in the near or far future, don't hesitate to point them in the direction of CHIMU ADVENTURES, to help support the PCF in their short term goal of reaching Americas Cricket division II in the next two years.
So to reiterate:

Guys, Don't miss out on the chance, it's too good to miss!

lunes, 24 de marzo de 2008

Summary of the 20/20 tourney

Life in Lima continues unabated, the cricket season has reached its climax and everyone can give themselves a big slap on the back if they can reach round after so much cricket in the last three weeks. The second 20/20 Lima Super Sunday Festival came to a close and all manner of cricket was witnessed, to outrageously onesided, ringer infested jamborees to tight than tight finishes with appallingly low scores, countless dropped catches, some excellent fielding and 48 people taking part in what has become an important fixture in the Lima calendar. Over 3 weeekends part time footie players aka the Kiteflyers, the highfalutin Lima Cricket and Football Club, The impeccable Indians and Southern Continent contingency also known as the Boyband "Chak De", and the felt capped cricketers Eidgenossen battled in mortal combat to decide who should be crowned glorious champions. First up were Flyers v Eidgenossen, a good game was played by these two teams, with the Eids having it in the penultimate over when the 1st Eids ringer James from Stroud hammering two maximum's in the penultimate over, ably assisted by Barnesy's custard pies. Up came Lima versus India, so gallant and brave with a young team in transition against the gunslingin 'Chak de'. A target of 115 seemed doable, after Prabhu had carried his bat from opening with a great 73. That was until Atul the Terrible bowled a double hattrick to remove the experimental middle order. With hindsight this over rather defined the tournament for the LCFC and they never really did recover in any of the following games. All out 80 odd. The following weekend Lima played the Flyers and were unable to chase the 120 odd set by Abbot and respective football hooligans, even with the aggressive bowling of the part time spin of Walter forcing the aformentioned off the field with a shiner. Abbot came back when the cruise missile like (not) bowling had abated and laid waste to Lima again. Eids then managed to beat India off the penultimate ball with one wicket left after India had managed to creep to 75, when Buesst had been very mean and efficient in his bowling, and James (cough.......ringer.....another one) hit a maximum off the penultimate ball. There was a minor altercation in the game too, when a semi-stand off took place between 'Chak de' Skip and square leg, but that was resolved by the ICC umps, doing there job well. All in all the umpiring was pretty good, Harry Hildebrand, Rob Champion, Tony Sanford, Miles Buestt, Chris Abbott and John Bell, all played their part in wearing the red t-shirts that made them so distinguishable. Viv Ash John Bell(again) and Julian Walter did the scoring. This could be better as there seems to be a deficiency in this department. Maybe Brandy from Buenos Aires could come to Lima and give us a course in this most important system of historical documentation.
Come the final day the Fellowship team of Eidgenossen needed to beat the underdogs LCFC to claim the trophy that had belonged to the Kiteflyers last year. And so they did, Lima, underfiring underperforming, undercatching, under everything really, skip was under his duvet apparently...... Eids ringed up or should I say rung up 200 runs, a tournament record, with Nick Appleyard making hay and one incredibly long six, clearing the tennis courts on the far side of the club. Stand in skip Walter tried to do his best and had to call on all manner of bowling but to no avail. John, also tucked in to the below par tripe and hit 80 odd (plus his first ever six). Lima's one consolation was being able to creep over 100 in response..... nuff said. India played Kiteflyers and once again Prabhu batted brilliantly for another half century. Atul bowled excellently, both players benefiting enormously from the tour to BA recently. The Flyers were never in the chase of 160 odd and rather tamely surrendered to 'Chak de' after both Harry Hildebrand and Chris Abbott had got out rather cheaply.
Afterwards the players congregated for a delicious bbq, to watch John Bell receive the tournament trophy for Eidegenossen, Atil and Prabhu Bowler and Batsman of the tourney respectively. With Prabhu receiving player of the tournament. His prize....... a pair of smelly flip flops.

Well done everyone, sadly no Easter Internationals took place, mainly because of its earliness (apparently it won't be this early again until 2145) and the recent shenanigans in Argentina, Just two important fixtures on the horizon, Ambo's 11 versus Lima Allstars, plus India-Pakistan versus ROW. Plus the all important end of season barbie a la Dutch at Hans' and Yvonne's.

martes, 4 de marzo de 2008

Peru's World ranking!!!!!!!!!!

have a look at this!

Latest Cricket world ranking

ICC WCL Americas Division 3

The Americas Division 3 tournament had a stunning climax when three teams could win the tournament before the final ball of the tournament.

The eventual winners were the Turks and Caicos Islands. They enter the ranking table in 59th position.

Second place went to Chile due to their lower net run rate. They remain in 61st position with a gain of 28 points. Belize finished third. They dropped four positions to 70th with a loss of 66 points.

Peru played well in their first ICC tournament and finished fourth. They enter the ranking table in 75th position. Brazil finished fifth, but had a big say in the final tournament result as they inflicted Chile's only defeat. They dropped two places to 82nd with a loss of 8 points.

One day ranking list

Includes one day internationals up to Turks and Caicos Islands vs. Belize, 16 February 2008.

WCL Regional ICC
Rank Team Points Division Division Membership
1. Australia 6201

2. South Africa 6053

3. Sri Lanka 6025

4. New Zealand 6009

5. Pakistan 5960

6. India 5959

7. England 5938

8. West Indies 5867

9. Bangladesh 5666

10. Zimbabwe 5428

11. Ireland 5418 1 Europe Div 1 Assoc
12. Kenya 5393 1 Africa Div 1 Assoc
13. Netherlands 5117 1 Europe Div 1 Assoc
14. Scotland 5029 1 Europe Div 1 Assoc
15. United Arab Emirates 4939 WCQ Asia Champions Div Assoc
16. Canada 4811 1 Americas Div 1 Assoc
17. Namibia 4790 WCQ Africa Div 1 Assoc
18. Oman 4710 WCQ Asia Challengers Div Affil
19. Bermuda 4632 1 Americas Div 1 Assoc
20. Denmark 4589 WCQ Europe Div 1 Assoc
21. United States of America 4583 5 Americas Div 1 Assoc
22. Uganda 4466 3 Africa Div 1 Assoc
23. Papua New Guinea 4410 3 EAP Trophy Div Assoc
24. Nepal 4114 5 Asia Champions Div Assoc
25. Cayman Islands 4112 3 Americas Div 1 Assoc
26. Afghanistan 3966 5 Asia Champions Div Affil
27. Argentina 3960 3 Americas Div 1 Assoc
28. Botswana 3954 5 Africa Div 2 Assoc
29. Hong Kong 3907 4 Asia Champions Div Assoc
30. Singapore 3871 5 Asia Champions Div Assoc
31. Jersey 3864 5 Europe Div 2 Assoc
32. Bahrain 3863
Asia Champions Div Affil
33. Tanzania 3836 4 Africa Div 2 Assoc
34. Italy 3804 4 Europe Div 1 Assoc
35. Fiji 3790 4 EAP Trophy Div Assoc
36. Kuwait 3756
Asia Challengers Div Assoc
37. Norway 3742 5 Europe Div 1 Affil
38. Mozambique 3646 5 Africa Div 2 Affil
39. Bahamas 3623 5 Americas Div 2 Affil
40. Japan 3603 5 EAP Trophy Div Assoc
41. Guernsey 3578
Europe Div 2 Affil
42. Germany 3524 5 Europe Div 2 Assoc
43. Malaysia 3505
Asia Champions Div Assoc
44. Qatar 3493
Asia Champions Div Affil
45. Nigeria 3450
Africa Div 2 Assoc
46. Panama 3404
Americas Div 2 Affil
47. Gibraltar 3378
Europe Div 2 Assoc
48. Croatia 3377
Europe Div 2 Affil
49. Greece 3358
Europe Div 4 Affil
50. Isle of Man 3348
Europe Div 3 Affil
51. Vanuatu 3342 5 EAP Trophy Div Affil
52. Cook Islands 3338
EAP Cup Div Affil
53. Saudi Arabia 3301
Asia Challengers Div Affil
54. Zambia 3249
Africa Div 2 Assoc
55. Ghana 3249
Africa Div 3 Affil
56. Malawi 3219
Africa Div 3 Affil
57. Sierra Leone 3219
Africa Div 3 Affil
58. Maldives 3192
Asia Challengers Div Affil
59. Turks and Caicos Islands 3169
Americas Div 2 Affil
60. France 3149
Europe Div 2 Assoc
61. Chile 3147
Americas Div 3 Affil
62. Belgium 3120
Europe Div 3 Assoc
63. Spain 3116
Europe Div 3 Affil
64. Austria 3110
Europe Div 4 Affil
65. Suriname 3109
Americas Div 2 Affil
66. Tonga 3012
EAP Cup Div Affil
67. Israel 2970
Europe Div 3 Assoc
68. Portugal 2955
Europe Div 3 Affil
69. Samoa 2954
EAP Cup Div Affil
70. Belize 2932
Americas Div 3 Affil
71. Malta 2932
Europe Div 3 Affil
72. Switzerland 2876
Europe Div 4 Affil
73. Finland 2777
Europe Div 4 Affil
74. Morocco 2717
Africa Div 3 Affil
75. Peru 2716
Americas Div 3 Affil
76. Bhutan 2714
Asia Challengers Div Affil
77. Slovenia 2708
Europe Div 4 Affil
78. Gambia 2638
Africa Div 3 Affil
79. Indonesia 2621
EAP Cup Div Affil
80. Brazil 2618
Americas Div 3 Affil
81. Thailand 2587
Asia Challengers Div Assoc
82. Rwanda 2519
Africa Div 3 Affil
83. Luxembourg 2460
Europe Div 4 Affil
84. Brunei 2343
Asia Challengers Div Affil
85. Lesotho 2020
Africa Div 3 Affil



(Not for Lima Cricket…)

The first round of the Second 20/20 tournament at Lima Cricket and Football club took place with two games showing the different ways games can go.

First off were Kiteflyers against Eidgenossen (pronounced Idaguknossen, if that is any clearer, but doesn’t look it). There were some initial selection issues what with the early time of the start of play (11:00am) and the Eid’s skipper turning up at the kick-off time (his idea of punctual hora inglesa) asking the Flyers if they had any spare players, which thankfully they did. Play got underway at 11:25 so it was not that bad. What was impressive was the number of people who had come to the club at such an early hour to help out with the various tasks. Flyers literally got off to one and with the help of Chris Abbott (46), Harry Hildebrand (20 odd) and Gavin Breeze (21 not out) posted 143 in their first innings. Seven an over seemed a daunting task on this pitch that in some areas resembles Farmer Giles turnip patch and it was wondered aloud if the Eid’s had it in them to chase down such a sizeable target. Oh but they did and in spades, thanks in part to a couple of new-arrivals to the fellowship team (Eidegenossen means confederation, so they could be a bunch of hicks too, I suppose), and Miles Buesst (47 not out) guided the team home , assisted by new teacher John Hawkins(31) and James Pulford (12 not out) who finished the game off with 2 big sixes on leg and with one over to go. Fantastic selection procedure award goes to Miles for plucking James out of Tayta, a bar in Miraflores, and selecting him on the young lads blag alone.

In the other game it was a rather different kettle of smelly trout. Lima Cricket excited about the prospect on taking on the Indians and feeling good about themselves, though one front line bowler was missing, were asked to field by the Indian Limenios. The Indians stormed the fortress and were at one point whooping at 45 for none of 5 overs, but the they were corralled in by the accurate bowling of Walter and Sanford to a gettable target of 115. But no one had anticipated the, what can only be described as freakish, over that was bowled by Atul Sharma who collected what should be a treasured double hat-trick, and coupled with Sh@#$ batting and insane running Lima imploded and were literally in more tatters than the Red Ensign on HMS Victory at Trafalgar at 18 for 7. Ok, the ball kept very low and shot through and the batsmen need to consider their feet movement if they want to consider sizeable scores in the future, but hats off to Atul. If it hadn’t been for the steady heads of the Youth Policy selection in Jorge Pancorvo (28) and Tony Sanford (somewhere in the teens) Lima would not have reached a much more respectable score of 84 in reply.

So first blood to Eidgnossen and India this week. Super Super Sunday next week, both the Flyers and Lima Cricket will be looking to make amends when they play each other in the early fixture, so please bring your friends family and motherinlaws plus anyone who has even an inkling of an interest in cricket. Eidgenossen and India will be playing at 2 pm in the clash of the current titans.

bring it on!