jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2009

New Wicket at Cambridge

13th September 2009

It was like any other Sunday in Lima’s winter. Grey overcast and the humidity hanging like a damp sock. One big difference though. Lima now has a second cricket pitch. John, Ding Dong, Bell, Business and History teacher at Cambridge school has managed to coordinate the treacherous path that is school administrators, local municipalities, and aggregate suppliers. After attempts in various institutions, the PCA finally struck a rich seam at one of the Premier Anglo Peruano institutions, namely Cambridge School, on the Southside of Lima. It is hoped that a third schools cricket team will be created on the back of this initiative.

So the PCA turned up to try out the new facilities. Soon the familiar sounds of feet pounding in and the tock of bat on ball, cries of catch it, were all resounding in an unfamiliar part of Lima. The wicket plays true, it has to be said, constructed from, according to John differing layers of aggregate with a sandy base, layered with your finest Astroturf. The Eidegenossen Cricket Team now has a home. Highlights of the day: Miles ‘Strike Force One’ Buesst, smashing stumps into firewood at will, Chris Hodgson spicing up the Wicket Keepers look, and the phenomenal fielding drills the Red Hats were being put through by the latest Aussie Import Coach Blake Rutherford, plus all the other hivelike activities Peru are going through inorder to be ready for the impending South American Division III Championships.

Thanks has to be given to the ICC who have helped in the funding of this project, and all those different people at one point or another had to help out in design, supervision and construction.

miércoles, 16 de septiembre de 2009

New Beginnings

Bloody Hell!
Its been a long time since I have bput anything up here on the blog.
Well guys we are getting ready for the Championships ahead, 7 more practices to go and the steam train that is the Peruvian Cricket Association is starting to look alot more intercity than it has in build ups to previous tournaments. Train Driver Miles is driving his carriages along as much as is humanly possible with this Home Guard but slowly and surely the ball is coming in harder, people have nearly forgotten what is playing across the line and Barnesy has admitted to British heritage, in fact of the squad Nine players have direct lineage to the Greatest of Britain, including Saffer Tone! Obviously this is after we have removed our red sashes and stopped singing 'Somos Libres Seamoslo Siempre.'
If I may be so bold to go through the squad pinpointing the strengths and skirting over the blemishes:

The Dossier

Miles 'Firing on all Cylinders' Buesst.
Secretary PCA

Right Hand Fast, Attacking Batsman, To say extremely useful all rounder would be to put it mildly. Miles is capable of fiery spells and is able to dominate the opposition with his clean hitting. Scored two centuries last season as well as a number of useful 50's while skippering the Kiteflyers. The new Captain of the Peruvian Red Caps will have something to prove and it will be great to see him drive Peru on to new heights.

Chris 'Goochie' Abbott
Ex-President PCA

Opening Bat. Wicket Keeper: Chris has been in the Peruvian squad since time immemorial. Around him have innings often been built. Always one to provide guiding advice with batting partners and also anyone in a bar later. Chris brings to mind the poem 'If' by Rudyard Kipling. Chris was instrumental in Peru joining the ICC and many other development plans.

Harry 'Crook' Hildebrand
President PCA

Opening/Middle order Bat. Occasional loopy nonsense. Harry like Chris has been with the Peruvian squad forever and is the most hospitable of hosts, infact everyone knows Harry. Ever heard that joke about Bob and the Pope? and the guy turns around and says 'dunno about you but who's that guy standing next to Bob?' Well that is Harry. A useful die hard batsman who is as hard to get out as a winkle on the Titanic. Harry provides positivity and optimism to the squad.

Hans 'Red Hot' De Witt

Middle Order Batsman, Medium Pace Bowler: Hans is an ever present in the squad as well. Hans is also the Fish Oil Man, what he doesn't know about fish oil isn't worth writing about. Hans our Dutch representative played county cricket in Holland before making his way over to Peru and has not lost his touch. A very useful batsman who has scored many useful knocks in the past. Looking to lose his Blackberry on the way to the ground in order to provide 150% concentration to the game in hand.

Nadeem Ahmed Ansari

One to watch: Nadeem, international man of mystery, is a fine striker of the ball and the most committed of players on the field of battle. Last tour was inconsolable after losing his wicket. Both a useful spin bowler and able to bowl at serious pace. Was Voted Most Valuable Player in Peru last season with searing knocks for Chak De, the eventual winners, in the 20/20 tournaments. Bound to have at least one great innings this tour.

Simon Walter

Right Hand Bat, Military Medium Swing Bowler. Simon has played for Peru for some time now, a useful batsman who has held the bottom order together on a number of occasions. His prowess in the field is well known with a laser like throw from the boundary, not one to push easy singles on. Husband to the lovely Karla and father to my nieces Camila and Luciana.

Tony Sanford

Right Hand Bat, Off Spin Bowler. Tony has bowled Peru into winning positions before, remember Brazil. Able to use his off spin as an aggressive weapon or stem the flow of runs at will. Tony is the resident Saffer in the squad bringing all the bristle that comes with it.

Mike Soulsby

Right Hand Bat, Medium Pace Bowler. Mike has been in Peru some years, plying his mangoes around the world. A reliable all rounder who plays with a straight bat. Plays very much in the manner of his mentor Chris Tavare but occasionally been known to play more attacking strokes. Should come good this tour.

Dinesh Lakmal Wijesinghe Ekanayake

Right Hand Bat, Medium Pace Bowler: Dinesh top scored for Peru in the last Championships, and after hitting a useful 50 against Chile last time around, was compiling a useful innings in the last match until he was injured. Known for his permanent smile and positive disposition as well as his ability to hit sixes.

Paul'Barnesy' Barnes

Right Hand Bat, Fast Right Hand Bowler: Paul, recently married, is a newcomer to the Peruvian squad. He is a strong clean hitter of the ball and is able to use his late swing to great effect. Expectations will be high with Paul this tournament in early innings breakthroughs.

John 'Ding, Dong' Bell

Right Hand Bat, Dobber of repute: John is well known for long innings and is difficult to dismiss once his eye is in. John is the Skipper of Eidegenossen and recently was responsible for the construction of Peru's second cricket wicket. Useful middle order batsman.

Chris Hodgson 'Green'

Right Hand Bat, Very Very Occasional Bowler: Chris, also recently married, is the opening bat for LCFC and has scored some useful knocks in the past. He is another newcomer to the squad and will be looking to impress this tournament. Reserve Coach.

Julian Walter

Right Hand Bat, Left Arm Spin: Scribe of the blog, also recently married to the Gorgeous Gladys Julian is known for forthright views on Cricket(generally wrong, thought that Bopara was the new Nasser....), Skipper of the LCFC, Has been known to bowl well, but very occasionally. He is a useful middle order batsman who can accelerate the scoring once his eye is in.


Right Hand Flayer, Malinga Like Bowler: Sonnu is also a newcomer to the squad, useful in the field and also with the bat once in. Looking to make his mark this tournament


A new face in the squad, Syed is also a batsman looking to make his mark on the team. A former prodigy of the cricket school of Rashid Latif, the one-time captain/wicket-keeper of the Pakistan national team, he is the driving force behind Cricket Peru’s Southern Chapter in Tacna.

Coach: Blake Rutherford

Right Hand Bat, Medium Pace Bowler: Blake has joined the ranks this year and has been applying his Aussie Sports Technology Degree to good effect. Thorugh his tutelage the Red Caps have become stronger, faster and younger, yes! Younger! The magic serum that he dispenses in training sessions is having phenomenal effects!

Go Red Caps!