jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2008

3rd Annual Cricket Veloz Tournament

Ceviche and Conchas
In Limas fair city, where the girls are so pretty
We had the 3rd annual tournie of cricket veloz
The Flyers and Chak De and the Eidegenonessen
with Lima cricket all setting up there store for battle ahead
Crying ceviche and conchas a wide a wide O
A Wide, a wide – O! A Wide, a wide – O!
Crying ceviche and conchas a wide a wide O

The batsman did bluster and the fielders did holler
But the bowlers they twirled but not as they should
And the umpires, the umpires with arms out wide
Crying ceviche and conchas a wide a wide- O!
A Wide, a wide – O! A Wide, a wide – O!
Crying ceviche and conchas a wide a wide –O!

at the end of the day Eidegenossen did win
through daint of less err and greater aplomb
while the umpires, the umpires with arms out wide
Crying cockles and mussels, alive, alive-O!
Alive, alive-O! alive, alive-O!
Crying cockles and mussels, alive, alive-O!

This fierce hot Sunday at the beginning of summer in December the cricketers of Lima aroused themselves from their long winters slumber and shrugged off their Saturday nights and wandered down to Markham college for the third annual ‘cricket veloz’ competition. The same four teams from the previous year, Lima Cricket, Kite Flyers, Eidegenossen, and Chak De, limbered up for battle. A motley crew they were too. This year the teams were a little light. It seems new blood is required for the year ahead. Most teams aside from the Swiss Interest Team were light. On average 9 players showed for each team. In the Lima team, the first girl played in the tournament, in the unlikely guise of Emily Jones. She did not let them down too, it should be added.
First off, Lima cricket were against Eidegenossen, and were never really at the races after being skittled out for 50, only Soulsby M carried his bat, but the rest were about as useful as a Lilo in Afghanistan. The Eids of December were fairly useful in their return and Geraint, the name of a million pronunciations, led a merry charmed life planting the ball over the wall seemingly every other ball. They won in no time at all, except for the waiting for the ball to be returned. For Lima Cricket it was a little like pulling teeth out in slow motion. At the same time Chak De were setting the trend for the day and Kite Flyers were able to post a most handsome target of around 150 (sorry no stats to hand), but it should be quickly added that of this 58 were wides. Chak De were never able to really mount a proper reply and could not make that score, they lost by twenty plus runs.
In the second round, Eidegenossen who played Chak De as a well oiled unit, with Gdman H, Aka loud Welsh git with Panama hat, providing commentary for the hard of hearing in Callao. Chak de were light of their usual arsenal of fast Mumbai Locomotives. It was Prabhu’s last day of cricket in Peru and as honorary captain he was not able to muster the usual grittiness from the team. Maybe it was because the umpires had to be their fro their own team and thus couldn’t justify getting annoyed with them as much as they normally do! Anyway they lost again and the Eids were cock-a-ring, sorry, cock a hoop at the fact they had loads more better players than any other team…..
Quickly onto the other game, sorry if this commentary only really talks about the Lima Cricket in detail, it’s just that the scribe was playing for that team. So after being kicked around like a 8 defenseless cocker spaniel puppies, the skipper decided to inject some Jack Russell into them and they duly delivered. The deciding moment of that game was Ben Jones’ two wickets in one over, including the all important wicket of Bully Buesst, this spurred the growling terriers into worrying the oppo into casi-capitulation, and the last man was caught by Walter J with the score on 108. Lima cricket were fairly hasty in the response, and yet again wides were by far the highest scorers. The tactic of not doing ANYTHING, I MEAN ANYTHING, RASH was instilled in the players mind and as the ball kept flying down leg or way outside off the score slowly climbed. Batsmen were congratulating themselves on 8 run overs where they had contributed, zero of the runs from the bat. The question must be asked now, is this really cricket? From an aesthetic point of view one would have trouble justifying it. A skillful perspective could be asked for, and one would have to say it had a distinctly unskillful perspective. But from a bloody minded win at all costs, it was glorious!
Lima cantered home with four overs to spare and marking up their first victory of the day. Special mention should be made to James Bailey who contributed hugely to wide-aggregation as well as registering his first wicket. “How did you do it”, he was asked? “Oh, its because I was pissed….”, said the perpetual bench warmer.
So, in the final round, it could have been a case of three potential winners, if the Flyers could stop the Megasaurus Eids, and Lima beat Chak De then it would have been down to Harry doing his best twiddling of figures and contriving victory for one of the teams. But it was not to be, the Eids duly delivered, outscoring and outplaying the Flyers, while Lima Cricket dispatched Chak De with the underwiding tactic so successfully employed in the previous match.
All in all, it was a most enjoyable day, the WAGS and children behaved themselves too, Paul should be congratulated for his recent announced engagement, and best wishes to Will Hurtado for his impending marriage down under, plus belated congrats to Harry for his newborn. Special thanks to CHIMU ADVENTURES for sponsoring the match.
Roll on the first of February for the first game of the season. Don’t forget the 20/20 tournament also.\
Merry Christmas Everyone