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Argentinian Tour FEBRUARY 2008 hot hot hot

Everyone who is interested get their names to Chris as soon as possible, so we can start organizing the tour.

Please note that the ICC Americas WCLQS Division 3 tournament will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina from the 10th to 17th February 2007

Countries invited to participate are Belize, Turks & Caicos Islands, Chile, Brasil and Peru. The winner of this tournament will be invited to take part in the Division 2 tournament, tentatively scheduled to take place in late March/early April, 2008.

The Division 2 will also include Bahamas, Panama and Suriname.

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Meeting: 14 November 2007, 7:40 pm.
Held at Lima Cricket & Football Club (LCFC).

Present: Julian Walter, Tony Sanford, Viv Ash, Rob Champion, John Bell, Harry Hildebrand, Chris Abbott.

The following matters were discussed:

• Cricket Veloz. The rules were discussed and written down by HH who will send them out.
• ICC prizes. ICC (Americas) are offering a number of prizes and it is recommended that we send in some nominations:
- Volunteer of the year – HH
- Lifetime service – VA
- Photograph of the year – one will be looked for
• Kwik Cricket kits. The main order has not arrived but some came with Grant Dugmore and 2 sets were sent to San Silvestre with RC.
• Eligibility. HH has sent a list of Peruvian players with their eligibility to ICC (Americas).
• Website. JW has discussed with Saud Bailey the possibility of creating and operating a website (for $350 + $70 per year). This and other offers will be considered. In the meantime we can use the Blogspot, on http://perucricket.blogspot.com . JW is the blogmonkey.
• Umpìring. TS will run a one day course between the Cricket Veloz and Christmas for those interested.
• 2008 Fixtures. An alternative fixture list was proposed by VA. The original list features Saturday matches and has a league programme based on 40 over matches. The alternative list has all matches on Sundays and a league programme based on 20 over matches. A long debate ensued with strong points made in favour of both lists. In the end the proposal that the alternative list replace the original list was voted on and carried by 4 votes to 3. Therefore the alternative list will be adopted and will be mailed out with these minutes.
• Membership forms. These will be prepared by CA for clubs registered with the PCF.
• Cricket Academy. RC will start an academy for youngsters at LCFC on or around 19 January 2008.
• Earthquake in Chile. There was an earthquake of magnitude 7.7 in northern Chile on 14 November. We should send our commiserations.
• Next meeting. No date was set for the next meeting.

Vivian Ash
PCF secretary
16 November 2007

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Teams for Sunday

Here are the teams for Sunday's Cricket Veloz. We are still short a few players so if you know anyone who would be willing to play this Sunday and as a result probably next year.
Also we need one umpire (probably), and scorers, so if you know anyone who wants to help out, please tell them about the tournament

Eidegenossen (Incumbent Champions)
John Bell, Hans de Witt, Simon Walter, Geraint Langford, Paul ?, Ben Holt, Fernando (I can hear them.....), Ewan Parry
9737 8854

Lima CFC

Rob Champion, Chris Hodgson, Greg Carter, James Teacher, Ben Jones, Derek Jones, Dan Collyns, Viv Ash, Tony Sanford, Spencer Bailey, James Bayly

Chris A, David M, Paul B, Harry H, Will H, Gavin B, Martin D, Adrian R, Adrian L, Adrian E, Chris K

Giresh, Vishy, Kamlesh, Mohan, Haresh,Prahbu, Atul, G2,Bobby, Uncle Bobby, Sachin Tedlukea, Rahil Dravide, Sunny Gaviscar

Umpires: Julian Walter plus One Other
Scorer: Alex Bayly

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Development Plan


1. Join IDP
2. Carry out Umpire training course
3. Consolidate existing membership
4. Raising Profile of Cricket in Peru
a. Publicity – use existing established procedures from Rugby
b. Developing Media profile (TV)
c. Developing Webpage
5. Formalizing Club Structure and Fixtures
6. Raising Revenue
a. Developing Sponsorship links
7. Facilities
a. More pitches
b. Nets
8. Develop junior cricket (boys and girls) by:
a. Kwik Cricket (Cricket Rapido)
b. Organize matches between schools and LCFC
c. Investigating the possibility of hiring a coach
d. Appointing liaison officer for each school
e. Possible development of cricket in other Peruvian communities
9. Improve performance in Tournaments (SAC, ICC Tournaments)
10. Constant review process during the season

A great deal of the above mentioned have been achieved and are being in the process of being completed. It is important that we build on this and continue with the positive growth that has seen the PCF develop so much.

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Rules for Cricket Veloz

Inaugural Cricket-Veloz Peruvian championship 2006
(post-tweak after meeting)

Games to be played to the following rules:
• Each game will be of 20 overs per side
• 12 overs will be normal and 8 overs quick pitch
• A quick pitch over must be bowled underarm and must not bounce more than twice.
• A ball considered unfair (beyond the markers on the pitch or above chest height) will be called a wide and count for 2 runs.
• A wide ball will count as a ball (not re-bowled), unless deemed not to be within the spirit of the game.
• Maximum overs bowled per player in a game will be three (2 normal – 1 quick pitch)
• The playing pitch shall measure 22 yards.
• The ball will be a tennis ball wrapped in electricians tape
• No pads will be used by the batsmen
• Each team will have 8 fielders on the pitch at any one time.
• Each player in a team (11 players) must field for a minimum of 5 overs.
• It is the responsibility of the fielding team to complete their 20 overs in 40 minutes.
• Runs may be scored in the following manner
o Hitting targets:
• Behind wall = 0 runs
• Side wall before half way = 1 run
• Side wall after half way = 2 runs
• Back wall on the ground = 4 runs
• Back wall on the full = 6 runs
o Running between wickets:
• One run scored for every length of the pitch run (+ target score).
• If ball goes over the top no additional ‘running between wickets’ runs may be scored only when the ball is played within the ‘cancha’.
• Batsmen must retire with a score of 30. Retired batsmen may return to bat again if the team is dismissed.
• All of the overs will be bowled to one end.
• Batsmen must change ends at the completion of an over.
• Bowlers may not bowl consecutive overs.

The tournament will consist of 6 games. Every team will play every other team.
A toss will decide which Cancha will be used for which game. Captains will toss to decide who will play who on the day

Every team plays every other team. The winning team will be the team with the most points. If teams are level on points the tournament winners will be decided on by Run-rate.
Playing field

The playing area will be approximately the same for each Cancha

Cancha 1 – Coliseo (Dimensions: 40 x 30m)
Cancha 2 – Basketball courts (Dimensions: 43 x 33m)

The wicket will be a large rubbish bin which will make a loud ‘thud’ when hit by the ball. The bowlers end wicket will be a witches hat.

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PCF - 2008 Cricket Fixture List

Hot off the press and just in! The new format for cricket next season.
It's just exciting looking at this lads!
The new system for the season will be matches both Saturday and Sunday (40 over matches) for the first three weekends with an invitation match versus Tacna on Sunday 10th March.
Then there will be an international tournament over Easter, teams yet to be confirmed. But Most excitingly is the extension of the season, with the NEW Copa de Campeones and other traditional yet mouthwatering gladiatorial skirmishes to finish off the season.
In theory, one could play fifteen matches.......Time to fill your boots chaps.

Saturday 23rd February-------Lima CFC v Eidgenossen
Sunday 24th February-------Kiteflyers v India

Saturday 1st March-----------Eidgenossen v Kiteflyers
Sunday 2nd March-----------Lima CFC v India

Saturday 9th March-----------India v Eidgenossen
Sunday 10th March (Trial)---Peru XI v Tacna (TBC)

Sunday 16th March-----------Lima CFC v Kiteflyers

Thursday 20th March---------Lima International Tournament
(Teams to be confirmed)
Friday 21st March-----------Lima International Tournament
Saturday 22nd March---------Lima International Tournament
Sunday 23rd March-----------Lima International Tournament

Sunday 30th March ----------- Copa de Campeones

Sunday 6th April----------- Indian AmbassadorsXI v Rest of the WorldXI

Saturday 12th April ----------- Lima CFC Festival of Cricket
Sunday 13th April----------- Presidents XI v British Ambassadors XI

Miles' Guide to the Cricket Instructors Course

A letter from Miles imparting wisdom and knowledge and impetus regarding the future of cricket and coaching in Lima.


In the wake of the recent coaching course at Lima Cricket Club, I thought I would share with you, the Committee, my thoughts and experiences. Whether you like it or not!

The first 2 days were dedicated to an Introduction to Cricket Instructors Course - basically, how to teach other people how to introduce cricket to kids. This is obviously of great importance to us as we have virtually no kids learning how to play cricket at the moment.

What struck me, and is something I know you have tried, is to establish the game within Lima's British schools. This appears to be the only feasible way to establish the game in a meaningful way in Peru, and has cricket in Argentina as a model ... as well as the development of rugby in Lima, as far as I am aware.

Another idea is to bring school kids to Lima Cricket Club for 'away days' of cricket training and matches - a way of making cricket seem 'more important' than other sports (which of course, it is!). On a similar theme, it would be great to establish regular cricket coaching at the Club, on a Saturday morning for example.

On the subject of coaches, a way to attract young cricket enthusiasts might be to offer it on 'voluntourism' websites eg Craigslist.com, Idealist.org etc, whereby we offer a very local experience, and possibly some sort of accommodation and/or pay in return for their coaching. I am sure we could think of a few sweeteners, such as jungle trips, using contacts.

One of the key elements of current ICC policy is to promote the women's game, so it would be to our benefit to bear this in mind when setting up any processes. It would also double our potential base.

The final 4 days were spent doing the West Indies Cricket Board Level 1 Coaching Course, which is designed to be used to coach kids, ostensibly. Having said that, most of us could benefit from the techniques imparted - for example, the leg and off spinning element was a real eye-opener; and I had no idea what the guidelines for gripping the bat were.

Each element of the course was accompanied by a CD-Rom which you are all welcome to have copies of.

On a general note, it would be great to have a website for Peru Cricket. Costa Rica have one (which I can't find on Google) and the webmaster has promised to send the template for us to use. We should also set up a Facebook group ... as well as using any other social network website that we think might be worth it.

That is all I can think of for the time being. I am keen to hear your feedback.


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October news flash - well in November actually....

The ICC Level 1 Coaching Course was held in Lima from October 22 to 27 this year and will be followed by a Level 1 Umpiring Course from November 3 to 11. The charms of Lima, including a wonderful and historic club for such events in Lima Cricket & Football Club, good hotels at low prices, rain free weather and a central position in South America make this city an ideal venue for such events.

The second Cricket Veloz, a twenty/20 cricket competition fought out by four clubs, LCFC, the Kiteflyers, the Eidgenossen and the Indians, will take place on November 18 at Markham College, Miraflores.


The PCF Blog

The Peru Cricket Federation's Blogsite

Here is the blog that has been suggested and is now in operation.

All manner of information can now be posted. The blog can be used as a notice board, times for practices, requests for players, photo album link and for any other information you would like to put up on it.

If you would like things posted, please send them to me me and I will post them as and when you wish.

This can be used until we have a proper website up and running.


Blog Monkey