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Meeting: 14 November 2007, 7:40 pm.
Held at Lima Cricket & Football Club (LCFC).

Present: Julian Walter, Tony Sanford, Viv Ash, Rob Champion, John Bell, Harry Hildebrand, Chris Abbott.

The following matters were discussed:

• Cricket Veloz. The rules were discussed and written down by HH who will send them out.
• ICC prizes. ICC (Americas) are offering a number of prizes and it is recommended that we send in some nominations:
- Volunteer of the year – HH
- Lifetime service – VA
- Photograph of the year – one will be looked for
• Kwik Cricket kits. The main order has not arrived but some came with Grant Dugmore and 2 sets were sent to San Silvestre with RC.
• Eligibility. HH has sent a list of Peruvian players with their eligibility to ICC (Americas).
• Website. JW has discussed with Saud Bailey the possibility of creating and operating a website (for $350 + $70 per year). This and other offers will be considered. In the meantime we can use the Blogspot, on http://perucricket.blogspot.com . JW is the blogmonkey.
• Umpìring. TS will run a one day course between the Cricket Veloz and Christmas for those interested.
• 2008 Fixtures. An alternative fixture list was proposed by VA. The original list features Saturday matches and has a league programme based on 40 over matches. The alternative list has all matches on Sundays and a league programme based on 20 over matches. A long debate ensued with strong points made in favour of both lists. In the end the proposal that the alternative list replace the original list was voted on and carried by 4 votes to 3. Therefore the alternative list will be adopted and will be mailed out with these minutes.
• Membership forms. These will be prepared by CA for clubs registered with the PCF.
• Cricket Academy. RC will start an academy for youngsters at LCFC on or around 19 January 2008.
• Earthquake in Chile. There was an earthquake of magnitude 7.7 in northern Chile on 14 November. We should send our commiserations.
• Next meeting. No date was set for the next meeting.

Vivian Ash
PCF secretary
16 November 2007

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