jueves, 30 de octubre de 2008


Like James Caan and his team from the 1975 classic movie, Rollerball, the lads of the PCF have got together for gladiatorial skirmishes prior to the Cricket Veloz tournament in December. There they meet on Wednesday Evening in the dim gloom, as if Markham School had just celebrated Diwali and the smoke still lingering in the air. The lads are there sharpening their spikes, stepping up with the crunching tackles, circling around the witches hat in the coliseum menacingly because the action was about to begin.
Bells Crack Troops were inserted. 18 overs of nonstop mayhem ensued, Bell and Walter S imprinting 44 runs on the walls of the gym. Followed by Kash and Will with more crunching shots and fast action between the wickets. The bowling could have been tighter and catches should have been caught, but the leather underpants Geraint was wearing were chaffing and Jones B had blood in his eyes....
Tony Sanford in diving to save his bin aka wicket took a square metre of paint off the wall. And forever it shall be known as Tony's mark. A suspected broken rib was the result.
In response Walter J's team started well with Dan and Mango Mike batting sensibly putting 40 odd on for the opening partnership. and the young whippersnapper Lachy scored 11. But that was when the wheels fell off the rollerblades and the team disintegrated into ashes and dust and cogs and springs. First Tim fell in valiant battle, followed by Geraint who lashing the ball into the stands was then lynched by the oppo for his efforts. Walter and Jones came spinning into the Colly and desperately tried to stem the heamorraging occurring but it was not enough and Walter's team fell on their swords at the end, handing the victory to the Bellbeaters.
From the ashes the Phoenix shall rise.

miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2008

Cusco get a game

7 men and an alpaca played in the shadow of Sacsayhuaman (pronounced sexy woman), brilliantly organized by Gary Sargent and his cohorts. Harry Hildebrand was present representing the coastal cousins from Lima. Shame no more could make it.
Photos to follow
and match report!