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Minutes and match 24/02/08

After a largely forgetable game fo cricket where the only highlights were Miles' tight bowling and John Bell's 83 not out, and Chris' team won after scoring 201, and the oppo were bowled out for 80...... :-(
Meeting was had to basically discuss the 20/20 tournament coming up. Here are a summary of the minutes.
cricket practice on Wednesday at he club for anyone who wants to come.

Short minutes from the PCF 24/02/08

Apologies – no Indian Representation, Rob in the pool but made it.

ID cards to be produced for all current cricketers in Peru – Chris to organize this with the different captains. Digital photos of all players required.

20/20 Tourney

India team is largely unknown due to non-attendance

Eidegenossen still short players, flyers and Lima Cricket complete

Each club to contribute 110 soles per match for fundraising and other costs not anticipated

BBQ to be held on final day – Julian to sort

Trophy to be bought for winning team – all to source.

Team photo to be organized for all teams

4 overs max per bowler

If not mores than 7 players at the required time then walkover will be adjudged.

Teams must wear whites. No darks, will not be allowed to play if this is the case.

Innings to be bowled in 1 hour 15 minutes

10 minutes turnaround

Presentations to be held at the end of each day.

12 Indian balls to be used, good for the tourney – will be bought off Chandan

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Game One: Turks and Caicos beat Peru by 8 wickets.
St Albans, 11 February.
Peru 83 (42.2 overs, R Doughty 4-18)
Turks and Caicos 86-2 (16.5 overs, M Baptiste 44*)

Man of the Match: R Doughty (Turks)

Game Two: Chile beat Peru by 54 runs.
St Albans, 13 February.
Chile 203 (48.3 overs, T Messner 57, K Zeb 43, G Sargent 3-52)
Peru 149 (38 overs, A Nadeem 53, D Lakmal 49)

Man of the Match: T Messner (Chile)

Game Three: Belize beat Peru by 34 runs.
Hurlingham, 15 February.

Belize 223/9 (50 overs, W Anthony 50, M Anthony 35, Javed Iqbal 3-32)

Peru 189 (48 Overs, Chris Abbott 61, Javed Iqbal 28)

Man of the Match: Javed Iqbal (Peru)

Game Three: Peru beat Brazil by 63 runs.
Hurlingham, 16 February.
Peru 136 (33.1 overs, I Hildebrand 37, H De Wit 37, J Khemani 3-43)
Brazil 73 (28.2 overs, T Sanford 3-15, A Nadeem 3-23, A Sharma 3-34)

Man of the Match: A Sharma (Peru)








Turks & Caicos Islands






























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Historical Document

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Peru versus Brazil 'O day of days'


O day of days, game of games, bowling of bowling, fielding of fielding, batting of bat…., well let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet…….. here goes the account of the mightiest day in the young life of the Peruvian Redhats to date.

On another beautiful sunny day at the Hurlingham, where Peru had been the day before and were thus more confident of their surroundings, the lads were beginning to look like the cast of Dad’s army, carrying more aches and pains than you’d find at conference for hypochondriacs. Gary had pulled out, his calf (pulled muscle) and foot (manky looking blisters) had forced him to stand aside to allow Peru to present Alejandro Tirado with his first cap for the country and also the first true Peruvian into the team. A fine ceremony at the beginning of the day under the tree of deceptively little shade with Manager Champion presenting Ale (pronounced Alleh) with his cap. Add Ale’s father sister and friend turning up and you had auspicious omen’s for the day. It also meant Vishy had to be 12th man and Atul Sharma making his way back into the team to replace Gary’s rapier like bowling on the frontline. The writer had a dodgy moment with Javed in the lift, who was walking around like John Wayne after saying he had pulled his groin and that he may not be able to play, and could he replcae him, but was hastily assured that his bowling was going to be rather needed.

So Harry wins the toss and decides to bat and once again Peru were off to a flyer ably assisted by Mr Extra’s. With the score on 21 Chris Abbott got a ball that did a little bit and he was dismissed by a ball ricocheting to first slip off the keeper. Sadly he wasn’t able to repeat his heroics of the day before. Hans came in and played with Harry for the longest partnership of the innings, scratching about like a piglet looking for truffles and none to be found. He was seeing the ball like a peanut apparently, according to Harry, as a pose to a beach ball. Harry was carrying on in his own inimitable manner and was on 37 at the drinks before being undone LBW by a ball that kept straight. Not a happy bunny was our skip, heard muttering to himself, afterwards that he’d not come all the way to Argentina to be given out like that. Second time he’d suffered, dear reader, in two days from apparently substandard umpiring. So Dinesh (10 not out) came on and the fireworks began to explode before going after one roman candle too many and getting a ball in the mouth and a cut like a lunar crater above the lip and in the gum for his troubles. Gazz rushed him off to the hospital to have him repaired hopefully in time to bat again.

The batting kind of went into its shell after this and no one really did anything with the bat unless you call the comedy moment that was Hans calling Atul for an easy single and the languid Indian not moving his ground and with the team yelling at Hans to literally pull Atul out of the crease so the better batsman would not be sacrificed. Atul was having none of it and Hans was the batsman who had to go, run out on 37 and a fine innings it turned out to be. 37 very valuable runs. Ale on debut was not able to put into practice the coaching that Chris had been giving him all week, ‘Play straight lad, play straight’, and was heard to be telling his dad after that he had been shaking so much, due to nerves, that he couldn’t hold the bat properly. So Peru were dismissed for 136 for 9, the first time they were not all out this week, mainly because Dinesh was still at the hospital and arrived just too late to have another bat. Third highest scorer was Mr. Extras on 30.

So 45 minutes before lunch to bowl at the Samba boys, and what a start. Harry had told the boys it was ‘shit or bust’ time. The Redhats were going to have to bowl and field out of their skins. And so they did. In the first over Atul managed to remove the opener for 0 with a ball that was mean and straight, outdoing the bat for pace. Nadeem came on from the other end. He has gone through a mighty transformation this past week. This was a man who was inconsolable on Monday after throwing his wicket away, with a nothing shot, but slowly and surely pulled himself back into contention for Peru’s unofficial man of the tournament. He was asked to bowl fast on a wicket that was doing something. Normally a slow offspin bowler, Nadeem was soon hurling down custard pies and jaffers that were completely unplayable. It took 26 balls before anyone was able to score any runs off him. The incredible bowling continued and soon the other opener was in trouble caught at mid off trying to fend off the speed of Atul. Then the moment of the match came, when Nadeem bowled Feathers (ex-county player) a ball of such venom that lesser mortals would not have been able to get close to it. Feathers managed to tickle it to Prabhu keeping. Atul was able to sucker their number 4 into a false shot with Nadeem making sure he was not going to repeat his ‘school for clowns’ catching of the day before, safely taking it. Brazil going into lunch at 24 for four. After a lovely piece of pulverized flattened meat and chips, (the club lunches not being one of the highlights of the tour) The Redhats could barely eat, driven by the anticipation of what was to follow. Gazz was heard to mutter if we get a quick wicket in the next few overs after lunch then we can do it. Immediately after lunch, second ball Nadeem had their number 6 caught at gully by Hans falling like a Californian Redwood to reach it. . Brazil had anticipated that after Atul (3-34) and Nadeem (3-23)had bowled their spells that there would be little powder left in the bag. How wrong they were. The veterans of the team Tony and Javed came on and spun their magic webs around the dwindling Samba boys who could not produce the rumba required. Tony bowled magnificently, snatching 3-15 and Javed miserly in his own way with handsome looking figures of 4 overs, 3 maidens 1 wicket 1 run……..

And so basically that was that except for the plucky batting of their numbers 7 and 8. Brazil were eventually all out for 73. All the wickets that fell bar one were catches and never is there a greater maxim in cricket than catches win matches. The tide of bad luck turned that day. Brazil is a team who had beaten the second placed team Chile by 34 after scoring 356 runs the previous day and who like Peru had made history the day before by claiming their maiden official ICC victory in the tournament. So congratulations are in order for Brazil for also making history.

We should not detract from the fact that this was a magnificent team performance, Peru to a man stood up and were counted. Rob as manager made sure that drinks and sugar intake and masseuse were all supplied. The scorer, lest we forget him, he did his bit. Recording a proud historical moment such as this is always a fine job for anyone.

Peru we made history. When was the last time Brazil got beaten by Peru at anything??????? Next time Chile, and make sure we celebrate it with our own finest Pisco, not the moonshine, parading as Pisco they were handing out as presents for the other teams. Viva Peru carajo!

Official Match Figures and other momentous stats to follow.

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Peru v Belize 15/02/08

Hurlingham Club

Set in the magnificent setting of a 128 year old polo club with marvellous facilities and beautifully kempt turf, a fantastic strip had been prepared for the Peruvian Redhats to do battle once more. And so they did.

Put into field on a muggy and hot day, Peru were soon not putting their plan into action with some cat on a hit tin roof stuff, but Hans removed one opener in the second over.

Dinesh came on and managed to tighten the line considearably but with no luck. Gazza put in sterling stuff with blood dripping from his manky looking blisters, but was also without ladyluck whispering in his ear. Once our spinners came on the story changed completely. Belize suddenly looked like they were swimming in golden syrup, and the wickets began to fall. Both Tony and Javed bowled magnificently, 2-29 and 3-32 respectively. Nadeem (2-29 off 8)came on an bagged a couple himself, but again due to the inexperience of Peru in50 over games, Belize were able to mount a sizeable 223, they scored one fifty and a couple of useful twenties, but they never really put our bowling on the rack. Apart from a couple of dropped catches really, Peru both fielded and bowled excellently.

After a marvelous fish and pumpkin mash lunch, Chris and Harry went into bat and were as confident as teenagers. You wouldn’t have believed the average age of this club is 38. However, the wretched luck that is cursing us on tour raised its head again and Harry was run out, with Peru on 30 odd and running like a train, trying to get back into his crease. It looked mighty close to us on the boundary. Hans came in. Chris and he added useful runs, pushing back the fielding team by running quick singles and being very positive. Hans was eventually caught at long on, in the low teens, trying to push the score on as it became more difficult to score. Sadly Dinesh could not repeat the fireworks of the day before yesterday and was caught just behind square leg for 2. Prabhu was able to score a few decent shots and ably assist Chris who looked like he had his own personal sauna out in the middle. Chris’ batting was an example to us all, never being risky and playing some wonderful strokes. Chris hit seven boundaries and a delightful cover drive comes to mind. Chris was eventually out for 61 caught behind, with the team on 130. Nadeem and Javed put in a couple of cameos, 22 and 29 respectively. Simon and Vishy, not out 10 (on Peruvian debut) also batted for some. However the ask was too much and Peru fell short again by 34 runs. This is against a team that has 14 clubs in its country.

BUT THERE IS A MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT FROM EVERYONE. This tour is doing us a lot of good and we can see where we have to go with greater clarity.

Tomorrow we play Brazil who managed to beat Chile by 22 runs after scoring 359.

God Willing Carajo we are going to win!

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Valentine's Day Blues

Members of the Peruvian Cricket team have been seen moping about the hotel lobby, missing their loved ones on this rest day. Tomorrow we shall be girding our loins to take on Belize. Lights out in the dorm at 9. Loooking forward to the whole batting line-up firing tomorrow. We know we can do it, and lets hope we can!
If anyone has suggestions please let us know.

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Peru versus Chile 13/02/08, Saint Albans, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Peru versus Chile 13/02/08, Saint Albans, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Well, what can we say, it was a great game, but we fell just short. After winning the toss, Chirs inserted Chile, Harry arriving with a hammer and saw in hand from the airport just in time. Openers were dispatched for little and generally Chile were in trouble all the way and at one point were 127 for 8 after 42 overs. Buuuuuuuuuut, their number 10 scored 57 off 25 balls and made a target much more difficult. The problem basically lay in lack of experience at 50 over games. Peru began to tire a little.

After the delights (not) of the club canteen, we were immediately in trouble and were staring down the barrel at 5 for 4, yes……. Some very severe fast bowling from the Chileans indeed.

Prabhu and Dinesh then steadied the ship until Prabhu ran himself out. Nadeem and Dinesh ensured we were always in the hunt and were in a better position than Chile were in their innings later on in the game, Both Dinesh and Nadeem put in some lusty blows hitting about 8 sixes between them. The Dinesh was caught just behind square leg for 49. Nadeem smacked 24 in one over and then was bowled for 53. With that fell away the chance we had at 130 for 7, all out for 149.

We played a lot better than we did on Monday in which we were skittled, but not scuttled, for 84. We know on Friday we can improve some more against Belize.

It was a good day for Peru and many players can be proud, especially Nadeem who scored the first official half century for Peru.

Viva Peru!