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Rules for Cricket Veloz

Inaugural Cricket-Veloz Peruvian championship 2006
(post-tweak after meeting)

Games to be played to the following rules:
• Each game will be of 20 overs per side
• 12 overs will be normal and 8 overs quick pitch
• A quick pitch over must be bowled underarm and must not bounce more than twice.
• A ball considered unfair (beyond the markers on the pitch or above chest height) will be called a wide and count for 2 runs.
• A wide ball will count as a ball (not re-bowled), unless deemed not to be within the spirit of the game.
• Maximum overs bowled per player in a game will be three (2 normal – 1 quick pitch)
• The playing pitch shall measure 22 yards.
• The ball will be a tennis ball wrapped in electricians tape
• No pads will be used by the batsmen
• Each team will have 8 fielders on the pitch at any one time.
• Each player in a team (11 players) must field for a minimum of 5 overs.
• It is the responsibility of the fielding team to complete their 20 overs in 40 minutes.
• Runs may be scored in the following manner
o Hitting targets:
• Behind wall = 0 runs
• Side wall before half way = 1 run
• Side wall after half way = 2 runs
• Back wall on the ground = 4 runs
• Back wall on the full = 6 runs
o Running between wickets:
• One run scored for every length of the pitch run (+ target score).
• If ball goes over the top no additional ‘running between wickets’ runs may be scored only when the ball is played within the ‘cancha’.
• Batsmen must retire with a score of 30. Retired batsmen may return to bat again if the team is dismissed.
• All of the overs will be bowled to one end.
• Batsmen must change ends at the completion of an over.
• Bowlers may not bowl consecutive overs.

The tournament will consist of 6 games. Every team will play every other team.
A toss will decide which Cancha will be used for which game. Captains will toss to decide who will play who on the day

Every team plays every other team. The winning team will be the team with the most points. If teams are level on points the tournament winners will be decided on by Run-rate.
Playing field

The playing area will be approximately the same for each Cancha

Cancha 1 – Coliseo (Dimensions: 40 x 30m)
Cancha 2 – Basketball courts (Dimensions: 43 x 33m)

The wicket will be a large rubbish bin which will make a loud ‘thud’ when hit by the ball. The bowlers end wicket will be a witches hat.

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