jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2009

New Wicket at Cambridge

13th September 2009

It was like any other Sunday in Lima’s winter. Grey overcast and the humidity hanging like a damp sock. One big difference though. Lima now has a second cricket pitch. John, Ding Dong, Bell, Business and History teacher at Cambridge school has managed to coordinate the treacherous path that is school administrators, local municipalities, and aggregate suppliers. After attempts in various institutions, the PCA finally struck a rich seam at one of the Premier Anglo Peruano institutions, namely Cambridge School, on the Southside of Lima. It is hoped that a third schools cricket team will be created on the back of this initiative.

So the PCA turned up to try out the new facilities. Soon the familiar sounds of feet pounding in and the tock of bat on ball, cries of catch it, were all resounding in an unfamiliar part of Lima. The wicket plays true, it has to be said, constructed from, according to John differing layers of aggregate with a sandy base, layered with your finest Astroturf. The Eidegenossen Cricket Team now has a home. Highlights of the day: Miles ‘Strike Force One’ Buesst, smashing stumps into firewood at will, Chris Hodgson spicing up the Wicket Keepers look, and the phenomenal fielding drills the Red Hats were being put through by the latest Aussie Import Coach Blake Rutherford, plus all the other hivelike activities Peru are going through inorder to be ready for the impending South American Division III Championships.

Thanks has to be given to the ICC who have helped in the funding of this project, and all those different people at one point or another had to help out in design, supervision and construction.

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The Road Runner dijo...

Cool Guys, My heartiest congrats to everyone. The wicket looks too good to be true. :) Prabhu