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(Not for Lima Cricket…)

The first round of the Second 20/20 tournament at Lima Cricket and Football club took place with two games showing the different ways games can go.

First off were Kiteflyers against Eidgenossen (pronounced Idaguknossen, if that is any clearer, but doesn’t look it). There were some initial selection issues what with the early time of the start of play (11:00am) and the Eid’s skipper turning up at the kick-off time (his idea of punctual hora inglesa) asking the Flyers if they had any spare players, which thankfully they did. Play got underway at 11:25 so it was not that bad. What was impressive was the number of people who had come to the club at such an early hour to help out with the various tasks. Flyers literally got off to one and with the help of Chris Abbott (46), Harry Hildebrand (20 odd) and Gavin Breeze (21 not out) posted 143 in their first innings. Seven an over seemed a daunting task on this pitch that in some areas resembles Farmer Giles turnip patch and it was wondered aloud if the Eid’s had it in them to chase down such a sizeable target. Oh but they did and in spades, thanks in part to a couple of new-arrivals to the fellowship team (Eidegenossen means confederation, so they could be a bunch of hicks too, I suppose), and Miles Buesst (47 not out) guided the team home , assisted by new teacher John Hawkins(31) and James Pulford (12 not out) who finished the game off with 2 big sixes on leg and with one over to go. Fantastic selection procedure award goes to Miles for plucking James out of Tayta, a bar in Miraflores, and selecting him on the young lads blag alone.

In the other game it was a rather different kettle of smelly trout. Lima Cricket excited about the prospect on taking on the Indians and feeling good about themselves, though one front line bowler was missing, were asked to field by the Indian Limenios. The Indians stormed the fortress and were at one point whooping at 45 for none of 5 overs, but the they were corralled in by the accurate bowling of Walter and Sanford to a gettable target of 115. But no one had anticipated the, what can only be described as freakish, over that was bowled by Atul Sharma who collected what should be a treasured double hat-trick, and coupled with Sh@#$ batting and insane running Lima imploded and were literally in more tatters than the Red Ensign on HMS Victory at Trafalgar at 18 for 7. Ok, the ball kept very low and shot through and the batsmen need to consider their feet movement if they want to consider sizeable scores in the future, but hats off to Atul. If it hadn’t been for the steady heads of the Youth Policy selection in Jorge Pancorvo (28) and Tony Sanford (somewhere in the teens) Lima would not have reached a much more respectable score of 84 in reply.

So first blood to Eidgnossen and India this week. Super Super Sunday next week, both the Flyers and Lima Cricket will be looking to make amends when they play each other in the early fixture, so please bring your friends family and motherinlaws plus anyone who has even an inkling of an interest in cricket. Eidgenossen and India will be playing at 2 pm in the clash of the current titans.

bring it on!

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