domingo, 24 de febrero de 2008

Minutes and match 24/02/08

After a largely forgetable game fo cricket where the only highlights were Miles' tight bowling and John Bell's 83 not out, and Chris' team won after scoring 201, and the oppo were bowled out for 80...... :-(
Meeting was had to basically discuss the 20/20 tournament coming up. Here are a summary of the minutes.
cricket practice on Wednesday at he club for anyone who wants to come.

Short minutes from the PCF 24/02/08

Apologies – no Indian Representation, Rob in the pool but made it.

ID cards to be produced for all current cricketers in Peru – Chris to organize this with the different captains. Digital photos of all players required.

20/20 Tourney

India team is largely unknown due to non-attendance

Eidegenossen still short players, flyers and Lima Cricket complete

Each club to contribute 110 soles per match for fundraising and other costs not anticipated

BBQ to be held on final day – Julian to sort

Trophy to be bought for winning team – all to source.

Team photo to be organized for all teams

4 overs max per bowler

If not mores than 7 players at the required time then walkover will be adjudged.

Teams must wear whites. No darks, will not be allowed to play if this is the case.

Innings to be bowled in 1 hour 15 minutes

10 minutes turnaround

Presentations to be held at the end of each day.

12 Indian balls to be used, good for the tourney – will be bought off Chandan

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