viernes, 28 de marzo de 2008


Roll up Roll up! The Carnival's coming to town.
This Sunday extra special 30 or 40 over match to be played, a few spaces left. Still no smoke signals from the Indians as to who will be representing them. Apparently Mike Soulsby will be rolling in to bowl his mean line of mangoes. The usual supects have signed up for the chain gang, so drop a line to your skip and tell him you can play.
Here is a list of the students available:

Sunday 30 March – Cricket game - Available

1. Tony Sanford

2. Jorge Pancorvo

3. John Bell

4. Miles Buesst

5. Tim Flack

6. Chris Abbott

7. Harry Hildebrand

8. Viv Ash

9. Jon Hawkins

10. Prabhu

11. Hero

12. Chandan

13. Mohan

14. Mohammad

15. Nomi

16. Mike Soulsby

17. Geriant Langford

18. Peter Furst

19. Adrian Eyre?

20. Dave Murphy?

21. Chris Mahony?

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