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Sunday 30th January 2011: Viv Ash Cuba Libre Memorial Match Report

Match Report for your perusal:

Hope you all enjoyed last weekend. One one sided game followed by a far better game, runs finally being scored and Vishy not destroying the first innings batting order again (in the second match that is). Hats off to Vishy through great nagging accurate bowling a lesson to all and sundry but much aided by wayward and abject batting, sorry if I offend anyone here. Another Hat trick for Vish, two in two weekends. Is this some kind of record? Should we be submitting this to Wisden? Nuk Fitzpatrick also showed promise with the ball. Viv's team scored 53 runs, Tom Jolly and Chris Mahoney the only ones I think who can hold their heads up proffering some defence, though that man/machine Vish swooped to illustrate why he is also a premier fielder in Lima to snatch Mahones cm's off the turf. In response, Louis RunMachine Grandjean showed why he is a promising new signing for the 20/20's ahead, battering everyone, assisted by Matt Terminator O'Connor who was able to partner Louis admirably. Skipper Gav Breeze, whose birthday we celebrated, also came in and assisted in the 9 wicket debacle.
A Second match was rapidly scheduled by the skippers with Viv suggesting to Vish he should sit out the match as this would balance the affair! This rebellion was quietly and quickly quashed and Vish was then handed over to Viv's team like the Black Prince's favourite horse lent to appease the Dauphin in the 100 Years War. It was a better game overall, Vish took wickets again though not as many this time. Gazza was on target this time and quickly swept through a rather brittle lower order with 3 or 4 for not many, until Sonnu and Walter came together and put on 40odd runs and with Saffer Sanford the score was lifted to 117. In response Nick Barsby proved he like smiting the ball lustily, people were whispering on the boundary "ooooh he's a lusty swiper!". He hit a quickfire 37, quickly followed by Kamlesh who's stonemason blows carried the game on until he was caught behind by Gav off Louis GJ's bowling. Hodgson played a great holding innings (36*) he and Gazza wrapped up the match with two overs to go, but not before this happened....... (imagine you are watching A Question of Sport)
" 40 odd needed off 5 overs, 2 down,Tony bowls a good off break Gazza slashed it to point where Mahoney dropped it, batsman ran 1 and then two overthrows, then it went back to the keeper again flew past him the back up fielderS, Chandon and Walter on the square leg boundary trying to be cute with a one handed pickup, bobbled past him over the line for four more overthrows. Dropped catch, overthrows, 7 runs one ball, bad moods, lost game....."
A lesson to all of us.....All in all cricket was the winner and everyone enjoyed themselves, except maybe the recipients of Vishy's vicious bowling!

Wondrous Cricketers
Monday 6th February 2011 Inaugural Peruvian 20/20 Test Match 12pm START
Skippers J Walter and Jorge Pancorvo (Hopefully!)
Onwards and Upwards. Last week, in response to Chris Hodgon's email last week only 10 people confirmed, and 26 people turned up. Though it's great to have such a good response, it does make organizing things a fair bit trickier and makes it harder to give everyone a game. Please let me know if you can play.
It would be marvellous to submit the teamlist back to you on Saturday. PLEASE NOTE THE EARLIER START. We tried this last year with great success in the first official Ashes in Peru match, forgot who won, but it was a great match. One of the quirky rules is that batting orders are to be reversed and the opening bowlers aren't allowed to open both matches, they can come in third change.
If I don't hear from Jorge, would anyone else be interested in Skippering?
Please respond to julianwalterinperu@hotmail.com

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