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Peru versus Chile 13/02/08, Saint Albans, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Peru versus Chile 13/02/08, Saint Albans, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Well, what can we say, it was a great game, but we fell just short. After winning the toss, Chirs inserted Chile, Harry arriving with a hammer and saw in hand from the airport just in time. Openers were dispatched for little and generally Chile were in trouble all the way and at one point were 127 for 8 after 42 overs. Buuuuuuuuuut, their number 10 scored 57 off 25 balls and made a target much more difficult. The problem basically lay in lack of experience at 50 over games. Peru began to tire a little.

After the delights (not) of the club canteen, we were immediately in trouble and were staring down the barrel at 5 for 4, yes……. Some very severe fast bowling from the Chileans indeed.

Prabhu and Dinesh then steadied the ship until Prabhu ran himself out. Nadeem and Dinesh ensured we were always in the hunt and were in a better position than Chile were in their innings later on in the game, Both Dinesh and Nadeem put in some lusty blows hitting about 8 sixes between them. The Dinesh was caught just behind square leg for 49. Nadeem smacked 24 in one over and then was bowled for 53. With that fell away the chance we had at 130 for 7, all out for 149.

We played a lot better than we did on Monday in which we were skittled, but not scuttled, for 84. We know on Friday we can improve some more against Belize.

It was a good day for Peru and many players can be proud, especially Nadeem who scored the first official half century for Peru.

Viva Peru!

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